Wednesday, August 17, 2005


hi cut + posters,
well we have 14 artists signed up for the first round and soon I'll be doing the draw to see who people are going to be sending their collage materials to, already David and Rosie (the cat) are standing by practising their best "lotto official faces" so they can make sure everything is above board. So if you've signed up you can expect to get an "official" cut + post info kit in the mail by the end of this week, aust post willing.
That's about all for now,

Friday, August 05, 2005

deadline is not a dirty word...

hi again,
well, it seems from some of the feedback that I've had, that using the "D" word has scared a few people....So I thought I'd remind you that all I need to know(by e-mail) by the 15th is that people are still keen to take part and your postal address so I can put you on the list and do a 'draw' so I can let you know who to send your collage 'stuff' to.
I thought I'd give you a timeline of how I envisage the project panning out, in case people need to know before they get involved...
15th August - I'll do a draw of names to allocate who'll be posting to whom
- I'll then post out an info sheet and your 'official' cut + post brown paper bag (expect it to be flashy people- no don't)
22nd August- hopefully everyone should have their info 'kit', and then you have 2 weeks to post your collage materials onto your allocated person
5th Sept- collage materials should have been recieved by all,( perhaps we can post a comment on here when you recieve your collage stuff and then we can all keep a track of how things are going..)
Then we have a month to get creative with what you've been given....
3rd Oct- send them on back to me, and I'll scan them on in and put them on a website, maybe this or a purpose built number, and keep them all together for future exhibition...if we're up for that- are we up for that?
So, what do you think, can it be done?
I don't mean to be too pedantic, just thought it'd be easier if we had a guideline for how things should go.- I'm more than open to ideas, suggestions etc....
Hope to hear from some of you soon....