Wednesday, October 12, 2005

but wait there's more....

this just in, a set of cards by Myra,
collage material from Lisa,
there are two, and the back of one, 'cause it was cool too...

strange green tinge has struck....

hmmm, there apears to be a strange mouldy appearance to Kaye and mainly Del's images, rest assured this is not on the actual postcards, sorry guys. I'll try and fix it for you and replace your images, anyone have any ideas what it might be? I scanned them, maybe i'll take digitail pics instead, as the coulours on most cards seem to be lacking something, maybe my old scanner is trying to tell me something....
Stay tuned for an update.

more postcards

artist- Christine
collage material from-Anna

collage material from-Kaye

collage materials from-Sue

Monday, October 10, 2005

first we'll try mine....

this is my postcard-
title "insect bus links- paris"
collage material came from Fiona....
as you can see a very serious work from me,
as usual,

watch this space

hi again,
the results of our challange are starting to come in, with 3 people having sent their postcards in, thanks Del, Kaye and Chris. All are interesting and each one is different from the next, it's great to see them, and you will too, just as soon as I have worked out to put them up- hence the title...
Remember if you would rather hang onto your postcard and send me the image via e-mail, that's OK too, otherwise I'll keep them all safe together, or if you want to send it in for scanning and then have it sent back I can do that too, just let me know.
Hope everyone else is having fun with their collages and that I'll get more mail soon,