Sunday, July 31, 2005

cut + post starts here

Hi all,
well, I thought I'd try this as a way of updating all involved, and you can leave comments and such.
Firstly, what about the name, "cut + post" ; good?bad?ugly?
The first "deadline" that we have will be 15th August, and it's an easy one, all I need is verification (by e-mail) that you still want to take part and your postal address so I can draw names and sort out who'll be posting to whom, and where they'll need to send things...this making sense?
Also, for those of you who knew of other people that might want to take part, I'll need them to send me an e-mail as well...
And of course keep collecting collage 'stuff'.
To answer a few FAQ-
How much collage 'stuff' do I need to send?- I'll be sending out lunch sized brown paper bags in your first "kit" to send your collage things on in, so you can fill it up if you want, or just enough to fold over and put in a regular envelope.
How big will the collage have to be?- Regular run of the mill post card size.
Can I add to the materials I'm given?- Yes, just as long as the postcard contains mostly the original materials, 70- 80% at a rough guess.... and of course you can paint, stitch over, print, whatever your area is if you like as well.

OK, well I think that's all for now...oh one last thing, what's the opinion on posting them on or back to the we want to trust aus post, is that part of the thrill....