Monday, November 07, 2005


hi all,
have had a couple of good ideas put to me by Myra and Tash which I thought I'd share...
Tash suggests that we keep our 'leftover' bits of collage material and after a couple of more rounds we could have a 'luckydip' type round- indeed she may have put it more elegantly, but that's the general idea.
While Myra thought that there might be interest in the Linden postcard show there is an entry form on their home page and it has all the info. Perhaps you have the postcard bug and want to do some more before the next round?
Hope all is going well, still waiting on a couple of people to send in their work, will post them here as they arrive,

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

and yet more....

hi again,
here are some more wonderful cards, some I've had for a week or so, sorry I've been a bit slack, enjoy!

artist- Tash
collage material- Louise

artist- Anna
collage material - Del

collage material-Tash